Please review the following information and/or print these instructions before proceeding to the QuestCE Website:

  1. If you have not used Quest CE before, you must self-register, by clicking on the “Register” Link on the left of the page, below the Producer Login. 
  2. After you register, you will see a Welcome screen, which allows you to select “NAIC Credit” or “CE Credit.”  
    1. “NAIC Credit” – Provides access to product-specific training and the four-hour annuity course (approved in all states where this requirement has been adopted). 
    2. “CE Credit” – Provides access to product-specific training and the four-hour annuity course, and the annuity course requirement may be completed for CE credit for a nominal state-imposed “roster charge.” 
  3. ​On the next screen, select the state for which you must complete the requirement.  Choose only one state – if licensed in multiple states, you will have the option to verify that alternate state requirements have been met after the initial course has been completed. 
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE:  If completing course requirements for a state that has not yet adopted the new requirements or is not listed, click on “Skip Step 1.”
  5. On the next screen, select “American General Life Companies (AGL and USL)” from the list of carriers.   
  6. If affiliated with a broker/dealer or IMO, select that entity from the drop-down list.   
  7. IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are unaffiliated, or if the entity does not appear on the drop-down list, select “INDEPENDENT/UNAFFILIATED.”
  8. Click on “Continue.
  9. Once you have selected the state, carrier, and affiliation, you will select a list of courses to be added to your profile.  Select the appropriate course(s). To complete a course, click “Start.” (Each slide displays for a minimum of 15 seconds before you can continue to the next slide.) 
  10. If licensed in multiple states, at the end of the course, click on “Perform Reciprocity Check.”  This will display all states within which the course(s) will be recognized as satisfactory completion of those other states’ requirements, and will mark those courses as “complete.”